The charm of Chamorro at Guam


Chamorro tribe is synonymous with Guam and rightly so. This tribe was the first inhabitants on Guam, who probably traveled from Southeast Asia by canoe to the island more than 3,500 years ago and is known to have developed the island with their indigenous methods of building canoes and excellent architecture. When you visit Guam, discover the essence of Chamorro culture through the different intriguing array of cultural presentations available on the island. Chamorro people make up about 37 percent of Guam’s population. They are also expert weavers and pottery-makers, as evident in many cultural artifacts and architecture that remain today on the island.

Different aspects of Chamorro culture in display at Guam include:

Storytelling: This method of passing culture and knowledge from one generation to another is specific to Chamorro culture and the tribesmen are expert story tellers. Storytellers have long been respected members of society because of their ability to educate and entertain.
Architecture: Chamorro tribesmen were excellent architects and you can witness this expertise amid the thatch-palm roofs of historic monuments designed to transport you back in time. As you stroll the island, you will witness as to how the Chamorros crafted unique structures such as the latte stone, traditional huts known as Guma’ Higai, and even created the speedy proa canoes.
Eco-Cultural Sites: A wide variety of eco-cultural retreats located along Guam’s northwestern beaches offer a unique perspective as to what eco-cultural tourism is all about.

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