Spend this Valentines Day at Guam

Valentines Day at Guam

February 14 is a date synonymous with love and Valentine ’s Day is a day you would want to make memorable with your loved one, so why settle for anything less ordinary. Spend the day at Guam, a pearl in the pacific, abound with pristine beaches and a great hotel stay to make the day romantic and beautiful. Guam has a host of attractions for the couple in love, the prominent being the Two Lovers Point. Known as Puntan Dos Amantes in the local language, this place symbolizes eternal love and the devotion.

The Story of Two Lovers Point, Guam:

Like all legendary love stories, this one also has all the trappings of love, devotion, passion and tragedy. Daughter of the Chief of warrior tribe Chamorro falls in love with a modest Chamorro warrior, but is betrothed to a Spanish captain and hence decides to elope with her lover. Trapped on top of the cliff by her father and the soldiers, the lovers tie their long black hair in a single knot and decide to end their lives by jumping off the cliff into the churning waves below, meeting a watery grave.

Since then, the cliff top has been dedicated as a monument of love and utmost dedication to couples in love. The cliff top rises from the Tumon Bay and is at a height of 368 feet, and since this is centrally located, the view from here is spectacular. On either sides east and west, you have the sea shores of Philippine Sea and the Pacific respectively, where as North and south directions give you a glimpse of the great volcanic mountains and the limestone plateau. Where else, will you find such great romantic diversities?

Celebrate the spirit of love and make this Valentine’s Day memorable. For great staying options, book at Wyndham Garden, Guam.

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