Restaurants and the various Food options at Guam, though a part of the Pacific region, caters to cuisines from all over the world, with their vast variety of food options. This place is a haven of the culinary arts with a wide array of restaurants offering scrumptious delicacies to delight any palate. All major hotels and restaurants serve not only quality continental meals, but would tease your tongue with some exotic ethnic dishes.

Being on the seafront, seafood is fresh and bountiful. Fresh fish, octopus, and lobsters are either grilled or cooked with vegetables or fruit, sashimi, and in other imaginative ways unique to the Pacific.

If you are ready to experiment, this place offers you the world on a platter, with Chamorro, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, and European restaurants, each with its own distinct ambiance. Stay at Wyndham Gardens and taste the delicacies at Grill & Curry Restaurant, with the Special Breakfast Offer.

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