LamLam, Guam – The World’s Tallest Mountain

Mt Lam Lam 2

Lam Lam, technically world’s highest mountain can also be easily hiked up. This mountain is 1,332 ft above sea level at its highest point, but, since it rises from the Mariana Trench, it qualifies as technically the highest mountain on Earth. You cannot return from Guam without having finished a hike up this and when hiking up, there are a few compulsory items you will need. Water, sunscreen, long pants, camera and snacks are a must in this list.

Lam Lam is close to Agat village and once at the foot, the trail is quite easy to spot. This mountain is home to a shrine of Virgin Mary and every year local Catholics in Guam do a Stations of the Cross up the mountain each Easter weekend to bring large crosses to the secondary peak, hence most of the trail is well worn and easy to spot.

There are two ways to reach the summit. You could either follow the normal trail or take divergence after Cross XI. Both routes are very scenic and reward you with great views. Once at the summit, the view of the island and the Cetti Bay are quite breathtaking and could give you some really great poster worthy photographs.
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