Guam’s traditional Chamorro Dances, the steps that take the rich culture forward

Chamorro Dance

Chamorro culture is a reflection of everything good and rich, with food, traditions and music leading the way. One aspect of Chamorro culture that has not been highlighted well enough are the Traditional Chamorro Dances. The dances that reflect Chamorro art & culture are performed throughout the world in international competitions and showcases, and visitors come to Guam from far and wide to watch storytelling come to life through dance. Despite not having been documented enough, these dances have been revived by the dedication of native artists and scholars, like Frank Rabon, founder of the Taotao’ Tano dance group.

Since Guam has been colonized by different countries over a period of time, these dances were often accompanied by the music of the colonial nation. Today there are gumas (houses) that teach Chamorro dance all over the world – in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, California, and Japan. In fact in 2009, Guam Visitors Bureau launched the Guam Chamorro Dance Academy in Japan to teach interested Japanese people the art of Chamorro dance.

Throughout the year, the island’s dance groups come together to celebrate their heritage and unique native dance during different festivals that are conducted on the island. Many hotels also incorporate Chamorro dance into their nightly dinner shows. Wyndham Garden Guam, a premiere hotel in Guam, showcases this and many other culturally unique aspects of Chamorro culture. Book your stay in Wyndham Garden Guam and avail of the splendid Room & Car Package.

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