Guam’s Pride- The Arts and Artists

Guam Art WY

Guam has become popular on the tourist map of the world, not just because of the sun and sand, but also because Guam is a vibrant island, populated by a remarkable number of artists of various art forms.

One of the most striking aspects of Guam’s art forms is the famed Chamorro music. This can be heard at dance events and festivals across the island and even at the night market in Chamorro village. Chamorro music is often characterized by the incredible variations it possesses, and also by the use of slapping and stomping, whereby performers use their bodies as percussive instruments. Dance in Guam is what makes Guam the lively place that it is. Local dance groups such as the collective Pa’a Taotao Tano’ and other folk dance teams enliven Guam’s movement arts scene. Dancers on the island can be seen jumping, shouting, and wielding long tunas sticks in the Bailan Uritao (Young Man’s Dance) and whirling in sadi’s and coconut leaf skirts in the Bailan Lina ‘la’ (Dance of Life).

Paintings in public places are a great inspiration as well as reflection of Guam’s rich artistic history. Artists of many other prevalent art forms like the Storytellers, weavers, jewelry makers and blacksmiths add to Guam’s thriving arts community thereby making it as colorful and active as the sea life teeming in the warm waters. While visiting Guam, stay at Wyndham Gardens to have a taste of the warm hospitality

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