Guam’s Exciting Nightlife

Nightlife Guam

Guam is a great place to vacation and when it comes to vacationing with family, can partying be left behind? This place is abound with vibrant nightlife, suitable for all ages.

Family fun includes the famed Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market, which offers great food and the chance to bring locally made products home. A peek into the Chamorro life and you will be surprised at the range of products on display at this market, and there is something here for everybody. You can also take a stroll through Tumon and visit one of the many welcoming displays, found especially during the holiday season.

As for partying the night away, there are umpteen numbers of bars and clubs in town. These places offer live music, lounges and DJs; and also the great dance floors to groove to the party music. Hotels in Guam also offer great avenues to party, with restaurants and clubs organizing party nights with food and drinks, to make your vacation memorable. Local newspapers and hotels will give you ample information about the bands performing at different water holes across the city and you can join them. As for staying options while in Guam, look no further than Wyndham Gardens, a great place to let your family relax and enjoy the great life.

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