Guam’s Ecotourism Hot spot


As famous are the beaches and sun in Guam, so is the spirit of Ecotourism. The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, which features a leisurely cruise in the river valley between Talofofo and Inarajan, offers an option for tourists and residents looking to get away from crowds of shoppers and beach-goers. The park allows you to breathe, take nature in and let the kids experience what a big part of Guam is all about.

This place is another side of this busy tourist Island, a part of the laid-back Guam, where, instead of the sound of vehicles, you hear the river, occasional birds calling and farm animals. On the river bank, you’ll see crabs scurrying – and in droves if you get lucky. This is the part of Guam which will stay in your memory as you come seeking solace and serenity from nature. It offers an experience of what life was like a long time ago on the island, when people traveled on traditional canoes, wore more relaxed clothing and utilized structural pillars called “latte stones” that elevated homes and buildings from the ground. The place offers a village setting that serves as a reminder of the simple village life of hundreds of years ago.

As this part of Guam offers entertainment of a different type, it sets itself different from the rest of the island and projects itself as a truly ecotourism spot where only nature and you sync with each other. This is truly a hidden treasure that has been opened after many years. In Guam, Wyndham Gardens offers truly out of the world hospitality experience.

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