Guam’s Boat Tours, a great way to explore the Pristine Guam waters

Guam Boat Tours

Fishing, which was once a livelihood in Guam, has also taken on the form of a great way to understand the culture of Guam and its people. Through Cultural Boat tours, visitors to Guam can learn all about the various types of net fishing such as the throw net or gill net. Those who prefer a more hands-on experience can do trolling or bottom fishing, available from an array of fishing companies.

Guam’s Boat tours allows tourists to be with the captains who are familiar with Guam’s waters and know exactly where the fish are biting. Learn more about the mechanics of fishing, Guam’s sea conditions, and the nature of the fish that live in Guam’s waters. Apart from the traditional fishing, many boat charters also offer a choice or combination of fishing, historical sightseeing, dolphin watching and many more such activities in the waters.

Treat yourself to an ocean view of Cetti Bay (otherwise only available via a mountainous hike), or the Spanish Bridge at Sella Bay. There’s also Fouha Rock, home to the creation legend of Guam. Of course, if you are a water enthusiast, and would want to go free diving or snorkeling, Guam’s captains will take you to the calmest spots with the best underwater views.

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