Food at it’s best in Guam

Guam 2

Any tourist looks for some great food, whichever part of the globe he travels and Guam is no different. For an avid foodie, Guam will not disappoint, in fact the cuisine here is so good and varied that it is a foodie’s paradise. A host of restaurants, serving both local and international cuisines dot the seashore and Tamuning endlessly.

The barbeques of Guam are so famous that there is even a BBQ fest that is a prominent event in Guam’s calendar. World cuisine is prominent on Guam’s menu and that includes the coastal food of California, Mexico, Louisiana, and even the United States East Coast. Guam is also a great place to sample the extra ordinary fares of Japan and Korea.

And of course, the beverages add spirit to the great food here. When in Guam, book your stay at Wyndham Gardens and enjoy the great hospitality and the food here.

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