Family Vacation Extravaganza at Guam

Wyndham Gardens Guam

Guam, a tiny island nation in the pacific, boasts of many wonders, which an ardent tourist, whether backpacking alone or on a family vacation, will cherish. Pristine beaches, majestic mountains and a great scenic plateau are the many natural wonders that this island nation is bejeweled with.

When you plan a vacation with family, especially with children, the attractions need to entice you to come back for more. The attractions are many. Beaches with white sand and blue waters are only a beginning. As you explore deeper, this land is truly fascinating. Mountains and plateau to trek, zoo and aquarium for the children to explore and learn and the great intriguing Chamorro culture & arts to learn and open a new window to the many historic facets of this land are what will attract you. To add to this, the island nation is also home to various tourist spots across the stretch of land as well as great shopping destinations like the Micronesia mall. Another great tourist draw is the array of adventure sports that are lined up here. Deep sea diving, diving with the sharks, jet skiing, scuba diving as well as parasailing are the many attractions that can pump you up.

As you land in Guam, one thing that you could really pamper your family with is the H2O spa at the Wyndham Gardens. This hotel is the perfect pad for your family, with great rooms to stay, excellent cuisine to tingle your taste buds as well the spa for a rejuvenating experience. If all this is not enough, the staff will pamper you such that you will want to come back to this island again and again.

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