Family and Fun at Tamuning, Guam


When on vacation with family, you are always looking for entertainment that everyone can enjoy and when vacationing in Guam, the choices are endless. Your first stop while in Guam with family should be the Strike Zone Batting Cages.  Strike Zone has been servicing needs of the Guam athlete, schools, leagues, and teams for over 12 years and is Guam’s best Softball and Baseball Outlet. A perfect start for the kids to enjoy their vacation. Also, explore the jungles along the Talofofo & Ugum Rivers while aboard the Adventure River Cruise. Along the cruise, you’ll also visit a replica of an ancient Chamorro village to experience and see coconut leaf weaving, fire making and Guam’s mysterious latte stones.

The Coco Palm Garden Beach is the ultimate tropical paradise adventure – discover the tropical beauty of Guam while enjoying beach activities like kayaking, beach volleyball, fishing, snorkeling and hiking. Another exquisite beach that your kids will love is the FaiFai Powder Sand Beach. From indigenous architecture and leaf covered huts to a landscape true to its heritage, Faifai Beach draws you into the wonderful cultural heritage of Guam.

An education for your family is to learn about the early inhabitants of Guam, the Chamorro, who crossed the ocean from South Asia passing through the Philippines and Malaysia. Their legacy is the Latte Stone. Experience some of these stones that have existed for hundreds of years. Cutting a path through the jungle will find you at a limestone cave. The water collecting there is good enough to drink and was a vital source of fresh water for the ancient Chamorros. If you are looking for rejuvenation and exotic fruits, have a glimpse at Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World, where exotic fruits are cultivated.

Of course there are also an array of outdoor sports and adventure activities designed to enthrall your family and give an experience of a lifetime. When in Guam, book your hotel stay at Wydham Gardens, Guam and experience the finest hospitality.

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