Beaches, Guam’s lifeline

Guam Beaches

Guam is known for its beaches, and the crystallized waves and fun water activities make Guam’s sandy white beaches the perfect vacation getaway. Despite some recent political crisis, Guam continues to enchant tourists from far and wide, so pack your swimsuit and sun-screen and enjoy Guam’s endless number of beach options.

Tumon in Guam is known for its beautiful beaches along its shores. Banana boating, Kayaking and surfing are few of the activities that help you test the Guam waters. If you are not that adventurous and do not want to be in water first hand, then there are activities like lounging as well as sunbathing on the great sands of Guam. Sunsets provide the great romantic setting and if you decide to dip in for a swim, the waters are calm enough for relaxation while providing sufficient waves for beach play.

Guam’s world-renowned hotels are famous for the perfect vacation setting. Wyndham Gardens provides the ultimate vacation pad, with great rooms and warm service.

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