Be in Guam for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts

Pacific Arts Festival

Guam has always been the front runner in organizing festivals and events to showcase its rich culture and attract tourists. The latest in this series is the Festival of Pacific Arts. This year Guam hosts the 12th edition of this festival which showcases Guam’s rich culture as well as the spirit of the country. Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Culture Division, the festival is slated to be conducted from 22nd May to 4th June.

This festival is held every four years since 1972, and this proves how important a festival this event is in Pacific region’s calendar. This event brings together artists and cultural practitioners from around the Pacific region for two weeks of revelry and festivities. Delegations from 27 pacific Island nations participate in this event. This year’s event in Guam gives it an opportunity to showcase its unique Chamorro culture to the rest of the world.

Headed by the Director of Culture, Dennis Marita, a task force is currently working to ensure that the country maintains its potential as far as culture and tourism is concerned. This is a great opportunity for all culture and art lovers to witness what is once-in-a-four-year mega event, and since the time is vacation time in a lot of countries across the globe, it provides the right opportunity to plan a trip to Guam.

Make these 2 weeks a memorable experience, and feel the excitement and vibrancy of the culture of this tiny pacific island nation, a country that has a lot to offer by way of sightseeing and adventure activities as well. If you are wondering where to stay, look no further than Wyndham Gardens, Guam. A great family hotel with excellent amenities as well as very friendly and helpful staff to serve you, you will feel so pampered that you would want to stay longer.

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