Chamorro Culture – A must see in Guam

Chamorro Culture

Every trip planned to Guam is an adventure in itself, and no trip to Guam is complete unless you get up close and personal with the island’s indigenous Chamorro culture. A great learning experience for all the tourists and enlightenment for the children in case you are vacationing with family. Whether you are looking to just get an introduction to the culture or want a full learning experience, the best place to do so would be the Historic Inalahan Foundaton Inc.’s Gef Pa’go Chamorro Cultural Village. This village of Chamorro culture is located along the coastline of the southern Guamanian village of Inarajan. The Inalahan Foundation has worked meticulously to preserve the native culture, pass it on to the inner generations and also showcase it for visitors.

Details about Gef Pa’go Village of Chamorro Culture:
Timing: Open daily from 9 am to noon.
Contact Details:
Telephone: 671-828-1671

There are many attractions in this village. Chamorro elders, who are well versed with all aspects of Chamorro culture, arts, cuisine and crafts occupy this place and welcome you with a sea of knowledge about this unique tribe. They offer demonstrations in these various aspects of Chamorro culture. Gef Pa’go is modeled along the lines of a typical Chamorro community in the forties and fifties when the people still practiced a Chamorro way of life. So you would see ropes being hand woven from tree bark and bowls being handmade from natural materials. A truly ecological way of living in harmony with the nature, something the next generation can imbibe. A clutch of activities are planned for the tourist at this village and these includes weaving your own basket or maybe even cook up a fantastic batch of coconut candy. If you want to learn more, then the Chamorro elders and preservationists present here will only be happy to give you some valuable lessons in Chamorro Spirit. Stories about the legends of the Chamorro culture are very interesting and the elders here are always ready to regale you with such interesting anecdotes.

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