Guam’s Barbeque and culinary extravaganza

Guam BBQ

Guam is celebrating the great culinary history of the island by organizing the Guam BBQ block party. This is a great island and the culinary traditions are even more interesting on this pacific island. The local cuisine is so indicative of the spirit of this tiny nation. Barbeque is the most preferred form of cooking in Guam and this culinary festival celebrates the history of this cooking.

To celebrate the long and glorious history of barbeque on the island, Guam celebrates the Guam BBQ Block Party every year. This event is the ultimate celebration of Guam’s authentic culinary traditions and Håfa Adai Spirit. This event also showcases the historical Chamorro culture and the cuisine of this ancient tribe.

The event shall be held on July 2nd at the Pleasure Island at Tumon. Admission is free for this event and it boasts of delicious barbeque dishes from the island’s top grill masters. Apart from the cooking and grilling, it also includes live performances from local musical artists and bands, sale of made-in-Guam goods and cultural dances and demonstrations. Overall this is a real treat for the food and culture loving tourist.

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