Wednesday Night Market at Chamorro Village

Wednesday Night Market WY

Guam’s Wednesday night market is a revelation for many reasons. The famed Chamorro culture of Guam exhibits its richness and varied culture through this night market. This is a place where the locals and tourists mingle with each other and enjoy the music, food and exhibits on display. Over a period of time, this market has become a staple destination for the many tourists visiting Guam.

This village market is open every day of the week, but is best famous for the Wednesday Night Market. Great barbecue, foot tapping music and tall majestic buildings give you the feeling of a carnival here. The center court is a hub for partying the night away and the food is just awesome. There are also local music bands entertaining the crowd. For the many tourists, this market is also a great place for buying all local produce, be it food or mementos. Juices to quench your thirst as well as alcoholic beverages along with the Guam’s famous barbecue dishes are available here. Carabao rides and other cultural activities are simply a few steps away. The Chamorro Village is also ideally located near the Hagatna Marina, Paseo de Susanna and across the street from Skinner Plaza and the future Guam Museum.

The purpose of the market has been to promote local artifacts as well as to encourage people to buy local produce and the purpose has been met. When you visit Guam, make sure to book your accommodation at Wyndham Gardens, as this is the place that allows you to rest well while the team takes care of you.

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