Guam’s famous sporting event, Triathlon

Guam Triathlon 2

Triathlons are considered to be amongst the toughest competitions across the globe and if you have the perfect setting for it, there will be no dearth of the adrenalin to compete. The Guam International Triathlon is an “Olympic distance” level triathlon and takes you through the toughest terrains of Guam as part of the triathlon. This event is taking place at the Leo Palace resort and is happening on October 16th 2016.

The course is a point to point triathlon, where the swim will start in Piti and end at the Leo Palace resort.  The bike course will be a challenging course crossing Guam over the southern portion of the island.  The bike course will have many climbing sections that will take you from coast to coast offering great views of the Island.  The final part , the run will be two laps around the beautiful grounds of the Leo Palace Resort.  For different age groups, there will be age divisions as well as team divisions.  Around 200 participants are expected to take part in this event.

So if you are the athletic type and would want to be part of this great event, don’t wait, head to Guam and participate. Remember to book your hotel at Wyndham Gardens for some great stay and service.

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