Guam Celebrates 3rd International Year of the Reef

Guam Year of the Reef

Guam has precious marine resources and Coral reefs are among the most precious of them. They create a vital habitat for fishes and other marine species, support social and cultural activities, provide the backbone for Guam’s tourism industry, and protect Guam’s coastlines from storms and erosion. All in all, Coral reefs in Guam are literally Guam’s lifeline to sustenance.

Despite their immense value, they are greatly threatened by both local stressors, such as pollution, over fishing, and recreational misuse as well as the impacts of global climate change and ocean pollution. As an ongoing effort to honor and protect coral reefs, Guam recognizes Guam Year of the Reef 2018 (GYOR) in honor of the valuable coral reef ecosystems and in answer to the global call to action to better protect and manage coral reefs.

The International Coral Reef Initiative has declared 2018 as the third International Year of the Reef. Throughout 2018, Guam will host a series of public events and opportunities for everyone to get involved in coral reef conservation and management and improve the condition of our local reefs. To be part of this great initiative, travel to Guam and when in Guam, book your accommodation at Wyndham Gardens.

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