Enjoy your Christmas in Guam


Christmas brings joy and merriment, and if you are in a place that embodies these, you are going to enjoy it even more. This is that time of the year when everything is so bright and beautiful. Guam brings the best of Christmas atmosphere with some great themes year after year.

This year the Christmas carnival at Guam features the theme “Christmas Love from Guam”.  The “Christmas Love from Guam” light park, set up as a theme park, will feature both western traditional motifs alongside local cultural holiday themes and images. These motifs are influenced from local as well as international themes.

The motifs include caraboas pulling a cart filled with toys, snowmen made of sand as well as a bright red and green pine tree Christmas forest, and the light park dazzles you with a great spectacle of fun and entertainment, for all ages. The cultural display also includes a “Legends of Guam” installation with large LED structures depicting the proa, latte stone, and local sea life. With all this, when you have local food delicacies and Guam’s famed music for company, your Christmas is the best it can get.

As you plan to visit this Pacific pearl this Christmas, make sure to book your accommodation at Wyndham Gardens, to enjoy some great hospitality and relaxed festive times at Guam.

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